King Mountain Company History

King Mountain Cigarettes

King Mountain Tobacco Company Inc. is a Native American owned premium tobacco manufacturer located within the boundaries of the Yakama Nation.

In early 2000, Yakima Nation tribal businessman, Delbert Wheeler had a dream to manufacture premium tobacco products. Since time immemorial, tobacco has been used traditionally by his Native American ancestors. The tobacco plant, indigenous to the Yakama native land, is an intensely sacred and spiritual plant in the Native American culture. Its early uses include warding off negative spirits and as an instrument of prayer. In order to fulfill this dream, Delbert sought out a highly experienced and respected tobacco blender to create King Mountainís premium blend. Jamie Aburto, a fourth generation blender who has had success blending tobacco worldwide, teamed up with Delbert to develop the King Mountain blend.

King Mountain Tobacco

The King Mountain Tobacco family is an accumulation of multigenerational men and women who have worked alongside Delbert Wheeler for over 30 years in his various businesses. These businesses include logging, gravel pits, and construction. The King Mountain quality is result of this family atmosphere and is enhanced by its collective parts converging to realize a common dream.

What began as a dream among friends has now transformed into a thriving and prosperous manufacturer of premium tobacco products.

King Mountain Tobacco History

We have a highly renowned Leaf Director in Jaime Aburto. He has 30 years of progressively responsible experience in the tobacco industry. He is skillful in growing, curing, grading and blending all major tobacco types and their effect on physical, chemical and smoking characteristics. He brings practical experience in tobacco inventory control and stock duration policies to ensure effective maintenance of blends. In addition, Jaime has experience in purchasing tobacco worldwide and has a vast understanding of the main factors that influence product performance. He personally supervises the maintenance of our blend.